Saturday, June 25, 2005

Let The Children Play

This site has been set up in an effort to establish truth in the area of forced psychotropic drugging. The children and the families are the real experts to me.
As an investigative journalist I began researching this area ten years ago.

I cannot stress the seriousness as a national disgrace that is resulting in death and destruction.

Denise Marhoefer
The Defense Foundation For Children USA


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Denise Marhoefer said...

Commentary On Antidepressants

The question is, can antidepressants in children or adults
cause suicide, homicide, or a multitude of other life threatening
destructive and self destructive "side effects."

The answer is : YES

Hormones need to be treated with hormones.

A mother who rejects their young is also an extreme danger to them.
A mother who rejects their young and is placed on antidepressants,
such a combination places this child in a very real and grave immediate.

Unlike Scientology I do believe that mental illness does exist.
This does not diminish the respect I have for their beliefs or the stand
they take against drugging and the forced drugging of children.
(or adults for that matter). I share their position on many levels entirely.

But this issue is not about religion, it is about suicide, homicide and children dying at an unprecedented rate on a national basis.
Loved ones murdered. Failure to inform. This is about children behind bars for being under the influence of a drug that caused them to kill.
A drug that they were being forced to take.

As an investigative journalist I did not want to know what I learned over these ten years of research. This began quite by accident when a classmate of one of my children tried to kill their teacher while on antidepressants and Ritalin.
Preferably I did not want to know what I learned of these drugs and on many days I still don't.

This goes against the very moral structure and fabric of our society that a system we have presently in place to treat and heal is the actual cause. This is an undisputed truth.
With the FDA's new antidepressant warning this past week my eyes were immediately drawn to the wording that there is a "small risk."
I am not sure who supplies the statistics but if the contact I have received over the last ten years is any indication of even less than one percent of an example of the hundreds of thousands of children and families whose lives have been destroyed by this gross negligence.
This risk is in no way small by any means.

As I watched an entire line of pharmaceutical products help to deliver a very healthy baby not too long ago, we must remember the good, adjust the bad and return to protecting the lives that are in our trust, so that another line of pharmaceuticals is not responsible for ending the lives they were designed to save.

Denise Marhoefer
The Defense Foundation for Children USA
media inquiry

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At 7:46 PM, Blogger Laura said...

I was reported to the DSS for neglect becausemy teenage daughter was not taking the antidepressants a stupid SPED worker (with no medical training) THOUGHT my daughter should be on for a diagnosis she THOUGHT (wrongly)my daughter had! Of course I was found innocent but the "investigation" was stressful and embarrassing for both my daughter and myself. Who do these people think they are? Laura

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